Ergonomics in Forklift Design

Toyota forklifts are designed to be fuel efficient. But that’s not all they’re designed for. Toyota lift trucks are powerful and reliable. But again, that’s not all they’re known for.

Ergonomics: Static Postures

In an earlier post, we discussed the dangers employees face when their jobs require awkward postures or repetitive awkward motions that take place during the course of an eight-hour shift.

Manufacturing Safety and Ergonomics: Repetition

Even in the safest, cleanest, most well-lit and well-ventilated workplace, hidden hazards to worker safety can still generate preventable forms of illness and injury. And one of the most damaging

Workplace Temperature

When you control the environment in which your employees work, your teams will stay comfortable and focused. And when your employees are comfortable and focused, they work harder, are less