Loading and Unloading From a Vehicle

Forklifts are frequently used to move objects and pallets from one warehouse, loading area, or showroom to another. But materials handling teams may also rely on a forklift when loading

Green Trends in Materials Handling

In response to a growing shift toward environmental sustainability, materials handling facilities are working hard to incorporate responsible, safe, and efficient practices into their business models. And the shift to

Lift Truck Ownership

When business cycles thin out, new orders trickle in, and margins tighten up, decision makers in the materials handling industry often fall prey to a common mistake: They overextend replacement

How Does a Forklift Work?

Since the invention of the first “forklift” (which was originally called a truck tractor) about 100 years ago, forklifts have become a nearly universal sight in most materials handling workplaces.

Toyota’s Three-Wheeler 8FBU

Toyota’s amazing new 8 Series will bring plenty of forklift advancements to the modern materials handling workplace, with upgrades and new features that will elevate every model from all-weather high-capacity