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Ergonomics: Forceful Exertion

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed some of the serious ergonomic flaws in workplace design that are most often associated with repetitive stress injuries, trauma, or work-induced musculoskeletal disorders. These

Forklift Safety: Maintaining Proper Control

Forklift accidents can be devastating, and when a forklift tips over, collides with another object, drops its payload, or loses traction on a floor surface, employee injury and damaged products

Loading and Unloading From a Vehicle

Forklifts are frequently used to move objects and pallets from one warehouse, loading area, or showroom to another. But materials handling teams may also rely on a forklift when loading

Avoiding Common Factors That Lead to Accidents

In an attempt to reduce workplace injuries and accidental damage to facilities and equipment, managers take one of two approaches: They address and prevent accidents, or they address and prevent

Overhead Rain Shields

As an experienced materials handling manager, you recognize the importance of employee safety. You already know that keeping your employees protected from injury, illness, slips and falls, and repetitive stress

The Risk of Slips, Trips, and Falls

Despite the tightest controls and best preparation, the manufacturing workplace can still be rife with unexpected events and unpleasant surprises. Not every load shifts the way it should, not every