Of course you value your hardworking employees, and as a decision maker in the materials-handling industry, you know that small details can have an oversized impact on employee health and safety. That’s why you invest in lifting equipment with ergonomic design, minimal maintenance requirements, and the latest and most reliable safety features. You would never send your teams into the warehouse or loading area with improper headgear or compromised safety belts or tip over protections. And you probably replace or decommission equipment with a record of mechanical failures. So why not take the same approach to operator behavior? Why not give your training program the same attention? Liftow offers a variety of courses that can keep you teams on track and prevent red flags during municipal inspections.

Existing Operator Certification Course

This course is designed to provide experienced operators with formal training and eventual certification (pending an evaluation after course completion). This course may be perfect for forklift users who have been on the job for some time, or experienced employees who are new to your specific workplace. The course covers both theoretical and practical hands-on training.

New Operator Training

New forklift operators will benefit from this training session. Before they step behind the controls, provide your novice employees with practical hands-on training, classroom experience, and personal interaction with an experienced instructor. Certification is provided upon course completion and a written exam.


Some of your lift truck training will invariably occur in-house, and you probably have experienced certified operators working side by side with less-experienced novices. So make sure those who serve in a training or mentoring capacity have the skills they need to share their knowledge. This three-day session provides both factual knowledge and presentation tips. The course includes a reference manual, workbook, and documentation forms.


Even well-trained employees with years of experience may need occasional updates and refresher courses that can help them retain necessary information and keep their skills sharp. This four-hour theory course can keep your operators up-to-date regarding recent legislation, ministry guidelines, and safe driving practices.

To learn more about courses and available training options, visit our site or contact your nearest Liftow office and speak with one of our materials handling experts.