Lift Truck Operator Certification

Do your forklift operators have the necessary skills in order to move product in a safe and productive manner? If your workplace is subject to a surprise inspection by the Ministry of Labour, will you be able to prove the skill and experience of your lift truck operators? If you have a forklift training certification on file for every employee, the answer will be yes.

However, some materials handling operations have at least one or two people who know how to drive a forklift, but who haven’t yet received the formal training they need to pass official inspections and prove their competence to those outside of the workplace. Having certified lift truck operators and certified lift truck trainers is essential in maintaining a safe and productive warehouse. Sure, it will take some time and commitment, but the payoff will be well worth the effort.

Provide a Safer and More Productive Workplace
Even if your seasoned employees have been operating a lift truck for years, they may still have a lot to learn about this equipment. The small details of narrow aisle maneuvering, mast control, battery replacement and routine maintenance can mean the difference between a narrow miss and a tragic accident. These things can also help your operators get more done in a limited amount of time and they can add years to the life of your equipment. Overall, better training means increased safety and reliability, which can bring immediate benefits to your bottom line.

Build Your Reputation
Protecting your employees and supporting their skills can dramatically boost their confidence in their current jobs. It also shows employees your commitment to them by investing in their careers with your company. Not only are you building a good reputation as an employer, but if your teams are happy and motivated, they’ll be more likely to stay.

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