How Liftow's services can help you

Over fifty years ago, the Liftow company was founded on the basic principles of quality service and the honest exchange of safe, reliable materials handling equipment for a fair price. These principles have helped us gain a strong and loyal customer base, and over the years our company has grown and expanded into every area of the marketplace.

Today, we continue to still offer high quality lift trucks for sale or rent, but we also provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services that can help them navigate the challenges of warehousing, distribution and manufacturing facilities. Our lift trucks are still the most cost effective and reliable equipment in the market, but we also offer parts and service, maintenance, operator training, and safety inspections. As well as providing a wide range of Toyota lift trucks we have extended our product line to include products such as personnel carriers, hand carts, lift tables, pallet trucks, booms, and a long list of drum handling and forklift attachments.

Safety and Service

Here at Liftow, we’re serious about efficiency and reliability, and we’re just as serious about safety. Workplace injuries can have devastating consequences for injured employees, their families, and the companies that hire them. In our ongoing effort to help employers maintain safe and comfortable workplaces, we provide tools and resources like posts, railings, floor coatings, ergonomic seating, traffic signaling devices, and fall protection systems.

We also offer a full range of safety training resources, including our comprehensive videos for both employees and supervisors. Video training materials cover every topic from lift truck operation and fall prevention to the safe removal and refilling of propane fuel tanks.

Liftow also provides course material and training sessions that can serve as refreshers for advanced, certified operators, and train-the-trainer courses for managers and supervisors at all experience levels. The items listed here cover just a small sampling of our commitment to provide the best service possible across all aspects of materials handling. For a more comprehensive list of our supplies, services, and course offerings, feel free to explore the Liftow website or contact our office and speak to one of our experienced customer service professionals.