new forklift fleet can make your worksite safer and more productive. Before you upgrade your fleet, however, you should carefully evaluate all of the options and decide which models best suit your current needs. This overview can help you determine when to upgrade your fleet and what factors to consider when deciding which new forklifts to buy.

Excessive Expenses

As aging forklifts require more frequent repairs, they can become extremely costly and inconvenient. Old forklifts are also much less efficient than newer models, and cost a lot to operate even when they’re functioning normally. You should address these problems by replacing your fleet once your old models begin suffering performance problems.

Underpowered Equipment

Never settle for a forklift that’s too small for the job. Routine use of underpowered equipment can put operators in danger and cause your forklift to break down. Instead, you should upgrade your fleet to meet the needs of your worksite. Forklifts with more power and agility can also increase productivity.

Risky Performance

Old and inferior forklift models are prone to tip over. This lack of stability can put your drivers in danger and lead to costly repairs. When buying newer, safer forklifts, you should trust a dealer that sells industry-leading Toyota models. Peerless Research Group has rated Toyota models above 12 other competitors in terms of safety.

Unsupportive Dealer

If your old forklift dealer is unresponsive to your maintenance and repair needs, it’s probably time to move on. One of the many benefits of upgrading your forklift fleet is the opportunity to work with a new dealer. A more experienced dealer can give you better suggestions on forklift models and parts, and offer you a better deal on your fleet upgrade.

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