Is Your Forklift’s Battery Low?

Electric forklifts are popular for indoor warehouses, but over time their batteries can run low and impair performance. Fortunately, through proper battery maintenance you can protect your investment and maintain a longer battery life. Here are a few battery maintenance tips:

Check your water level regularly and keep records of the date of service. Look for any signs of loss of electrolyte such as leakage around the vent caps, terminals and equipment. If the electrolyte fluids are low, you can fill the battery with water (preferably distilled) after it has had a full charge. You may also use a hydrometer to inspect the specific gravity, or relative density, of the battery and determine the status of the battery. After charging the battery, you can then use a multimeter to check its charge. Note that the battery should exhibit a slightly higher charge than its listed load. As always, refer to manufacturer instructions for proper maintenance and safety procedures.

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