When you invest in your organization, you do your research first to make sure that every dollar and every hour you spend comes back to you. You keep your staffing program tight, your workplace safe, and your products and supplies in constant rotation. You review your vendor contracts every year, update your IT infrastructure, and check in with your customers to make sure they’re getting what they need.

But what about your materials handling training programs? If you’re like some company decision makers, once your employees have completed the minimum training necessary, you leave them to their own devices. If they step onboard with all the training and experience they need, you put them behind the controls and never look back. If this sounds like you, it might be time to take another look at your training and operator protocols and consider an update.

Proper training is an ongoing process. Every year, examine your operator procedures and make sure your employees – and their supervisors – fully understand how to get the most out of today’s advanced lift truck features. While you’re at it, make sure you’re keeping an eye on bad habits, which can be hard to shake. Something as simple as a failure to use traffic signals or poor posture can lead to inefficiency, mechanical wear and tear, and even employee injury down the road.

Invest in your company’s future and the safety of your employees by exploring the training resources available through Liftow. We offer a comprehensive range of courses covering operator training, refresher training, and train-the-trainer courses that are constantly updated to help operators get the most out of advanced lifting equipment, including everything from walking pallet lifters, to fully enclosed high-capacity lift trucks, to overhead cranes.

Our courses are equipment specific, which means you can customize a given training program to meet your particular needs. And our flexibility doesn’t stop there; we also allow customers to choose where the course should take place. Bring your teams into one of our many local training centers, or let us bring our course instructors and training materials straight to you. You decide what you need and how to make your training program happen.

For additional questions and more information on program and material availability, contact your nearest Liftow office today.