Willow from National Service Dogs

Puppy love was in the air today as Liftow London received the visit of Willow, a National Service Dog (NSD) in training, to accept the branch’s $2,000 donation to this wonderful non-profit organization. NSD is dedicated to strengthen the independence of individuals living with special needs, such as autism, by providing them with specially trained Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

Through their donation, Liftow London will be able to sponsor 2 puppies-in-training as they begin their 2-year journey to get their Certified Service Dog designation. The branch will be able to choose the names of both puppies, receive regular updates on their progress and even attend their graduation ceremony!

Liftow is proud to support an organization that provides such invaluable help to adults and children alike who can truly benefit from interacting with skilled and certified service dogs. Make sure to visit our blog in the near future to get the first updates on the puppies!

For more information on NSD, you can visit their website at nsd.on.ca.