The New Toyota 9BRU Reach Truck

2015 was another banner year for Toyota forklifts with the introduction of new models and products, including six new forklifts and the new T-Matics fleet management system. Toyota’s commitment towards strengthening the efficiency of its material handling solutions is evident in this latest lineup of new models that includes the 3-wheel electric forklift, the new walkie stacker, a new electric pallet jack, the 80V electric pneumatic forklift, the high-capacity IC forklift and the new Toyota reach truck.

With these improved additions to the Toyota family of material handling equipment, the company is beginning the new year with an eye towards greater productivity and efficiency. Each of these latest models occupies a specific niche within the warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution environment, accomplishing specific tasks that no other model can. By continuing to apply its corporate philosophy of Kaizen – meaning “constant improvement” – to every new product development and release, Toyota ensures the demands and goals of its customers are fully satisfied.

The new 9BRU reach truck is no exception to this Kaizen principle, offering more than 500 engineering changes that provide increased quality and reliability. These improvements include the following key aspects:

9BRU: The New Toyota Electric Reach Truck

Increased Performance

  • Redesigned mast with hydraulic cushioning and greater operator visibility
  • Multifunction control handle of lift/lower and auxiliary functions
  • Increased travel, lift and lower speeds
  • 180-degree electronic power steering

Advanced Ergonomics

  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Lowered entry and exit step height
  • High-visibility overhead guard

Ease of Service

  • Increased run time with one charge
  • Self-diagnostics and built-in analyzer
  • Battery compartment rollers

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