As an experienced materials handling manager, you recognize the importance of employee safety. You already know that keeping your employees protected from injury, illness, slips and falls, and repetitive stress won’t just protect you from expensive legal action; it also improves morale, inspires loyalty and reduces turnover. Workers who believe safety is a top management priority tend to be more engaged and more productive than those who don’t. So when you think about it, investing in something as simple as a guardrail or a dispenser of hand sanitizer during flu season can have a disproportionate ROI.

When you rely on forklifts to keep your workplace in motion, you choose the safest models with overhead roll bars, ergonomic controls and advanced mast-stabilization features. You may also look for advanced warnings and traffic signaling, or customizable settlings that can be adapted to each user during a shift. So why not apply the same approach to forklift extensions and accessories? Choose the safest and most reliable attachments and extensions, and you’ll be going the extra mile to make sure your workers are safe from accidents, falling objects, and bad weather.

The Forkshield Weather Guard

With this in mind, Liftow offers a removable overhead guard that covers the cabin and allows the forklift operator to see clearly in all directions while remaining protected from rain and snow. The Forkshield Weather Guard can be attached to the frame of the lift truck in seconds and comes in a universal size that matches almost all forklift, utility, and security carts.

Unlike an atrium full-enclosure cover, the Forkshield Weather Guard covers only the roof of the cabin, so it provides no risk of obstructed view in any lateral direction. And since the durable vinyl material is super-clear, operators can also look up and gain a full command of the overhead view. The super clear vinyl material is easy to see through, but is also impact resistant, so falling objects—including rain, hail and snow—are easily deflected.

Order your five-pound universal overhead guard rain shield today and keep your employees safe in an indoor-outdoor work environment. Visit the Liftow website or contact your nearest Liftow office to learn more.