Forklifts are powerful machines made up of many heavy moving parts, each of which is essential to the safe functioning of industrial equipment. To increase safety and reduce accidents it is required that a “circle check” or “forklift inspection” be preformed. According to the CSA B335-04 Section 6.8 Pre-operational Inspection, a lift truck must be inspected before the beginning of each shift and a record of the forklift inspection must be kept on file. Before operating the forklift, all operators must perform the following forklift safety inspections:


  • Battery – charged, watered and securely fastened in place
  • Propane – no leaks, valve open and securely fastened in place
  • Engine – oils, radiator, filter, fan belt, battery connectors
  • Wheels or tires – worn and signs of damage
  • Mast, Lift Chains, hydraulic hoses – in good condition
  • Access covers and guards – in place with no damage
  • Forks and locking pin – no signs of damage
  • Overhead Guard – in good condition
  • Seat, seat belt  – in good condition
  • Oil Leaks – no signs of leaks
  • Fire extinguisher – properly charged and secure to forklift


  • Service and Parking brakes
  • Horn- loud enough to be heard over all sounds in the surrounding area
  • Lift , lower, tilt and attachments – smooth operation
  • Warning lights and devices – operate
  • Unusual noises
  • Forward and Reverse driving– smooth operation
  • Gauges

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