Every so often, an occasion arises which makes us see how important it is to keep the kid alive in all of us. On April 24, thanks to a very curious kindergarten student, we were reminded of just that.

Back in February, Liftow was contacted by Donna Lynn Galloway, a teacher at St. Mary Elementary School in Oakville. She told us about a little boy in her class named Filip Rembisz who loved forklifts and was very passionate about them. She went on to let us know how he was struggling with his writing skills but made him a promise that if he kept at it the first thing he could do was to write a letter to the local forklift dealership and she would help mail it off for him. A few days later we received Filip’s letter and gave Mrs. Galloway and Filip a call to let them know that we were more than happy to pay a visit to their school.

After several sleeps, as Filip would say, Rob Cormier, our Tilt-n-load driver loaded two Toyota forklifts on his truck for our special visit to the Oakville School. When we got there we were greeted by over a 130 excited kindergarten students. Craig Russell, a sales representative for Liftow’s Forklift Training Department, came along and spoke to the children about our forklifts and the importance of being safe around them if they happened to see one while out shopping with their parents. He then invited fellow “forklift enthusiast” Filip to come up to have a seat on the forklift while he showed him the controls to move the forks up and down. The children were mesmerized by how far the forks could go up and they cheered for their classmate and possible “future forklift operator” Filip.

After giving all the children an opportunity to sit on the forklift (and beep the horn) Lisa Berkeley, Liftow’s Marketing/Art Director, presented Filip with a Liftow ball cap and his very own Toyota model forklift. His classmates didn’t go back to class empty handed either. In recognition of Filip’s writing achievement, Liftow gave each of his classmates a souvenir Toyota forklift pen.

It’s not every day that we meet a kid like Filip that has as much passion for forklifts as we do! Not to mention a teacher that is a true inspiration to her students by recognizing their individual passions and using them to help achieve their educational goals. So, thank you Mrs. Galloway for not only all the great things you do for your students but allowing us to be a part of something so special and something that we will not forget.