Toyota's 8 Series Stand Up Rider

You operate a demanding materials handling workplace. Your loading dock, distribution center or warehouse is in constant motion, and if you’re like many floor managers, your shifts are in constant rotation and your lifting equipment is either in use or on call 24 hours a day. But at the same time, you’re lifting thousands of pounds loads and working in tight areas, so you require lifting equipment with high levels of maneuverability. If this describes your situation and you’re looking for a lift truck that’s lightweight, powerful and as hardworking as your team of employees, consider the Toyota 8-Series Stand Up Rider Truck.

3 Key Features and Benefits of the 8-Series Stand Up Rider

As one of the most popular Toyota products on the market, this forklift is valued for its fast response times, tight power control and compact components. Here are some of the features that grab the most attention.

  1. Performance
    The 8-Series Stand Up Rider offers an AC powered system, which means greater power with more precise control. Smooth transitions and rapid acceleration give operators more maneuverability for pallet handling that’s fast and precise. Anti-stall mechanisms and auto-hold features protect the equipment and the operator by maintaining stable position on inclines and preventing the motor from overheating. In addition to being strong, safe and agile, this 8 series model is also efficient. An optional integrated side shifter can be installed to control excess movement.
  2. Durability
    If you’re looking for a lift truck that can stand up to a rough workplace with minimal breakdowns, low cost operation, and a long, productive lifespan, the 8-Series Stand Up Rider has what you need. Moisture-resistant electrical connections and regenerative braking can ease day to day wear and tear on systems that are essential to safe and continuous operation. Large diameter drive tires reduce the damage caused by constant collision with dock plates. And a rugged chassis and mast provide greater strength and resilience without adding weight.
  3. Ergonomics
    This truck offers an 8-inch step height, which reduces the fatigue and strain that can occur during frequent entry and exit from the cab. The interior also provides cushioned lean points and a shock absorbing, vibration-resistant floor, so operators can physically sustain long hours in the cab with low risk of injury and stress-related illness. The cab also provides a built-in, ergonomically designed workstation including clipboard stand, cup holder, arm rests, work tray and single axis multi-function control handle.

For more on the benefits of the 8-Series Stand Up Rider, or any truck in Toyota’s diverse line of lifting equipment, contact the materials handling experts at Liftow.