Toyota’s patented System of Active Stability, or SAS, consists of a unique set of sensors and response mechanisms that automatically detect signs of load or truck instability and implement corrective action before a lift truck reaches a set of specific hazard points. The SAS includes 10 sensors, a controller, and three actuators. Working together, these elements provide six advanced functions that keep the operator safe and the load in motion.

The Swing Lock Cylinder and Speed Control

When trucks turn suddenly, the risk of tip-over increases. But if the rear axle can lock in place at the moment of instability, the center of gravity can remain in the center of the truck’s mass, where it belongs. The swing lock cylinder detects the potential shift and instability during the turn and locks the axle, stabilizing the truck. The SAS also slows the truck down automatically as it enters a potentially dangerous turn.

Mast Control: Angle and Speed

A variety of sophisticated sensors in the mast continually monitor the height of the load and angle of the tilt. If the load tips too far forward, the SAS system acts to counter the lean and prevent a tip or drop. If the mast tips backward, this often means the load is rising too quickly, and the SAS automatically slows down the speed of the lift.

Fork Leveling

Experienced operators know how to level the forks to a 90-degree angle in order to properly and safely lift a heavy load. But this leveling action takes time, and time costs money. The System of Active Stability levels the forks automatically so the operator can stay focused on motion and productivity.

Active Steering Synchronizer

When the truck wheels and the steering knob are aligned, the driver always knows which way the truck will move. This alignment also ensures control and proper ergonomic positioning for the driver, which can prevent stress and fatigue during long shifts.

SAS: Protecting Productivity and Cutting Costs

A large percentage of forklift operating costs come from damage to the load and potential threats and hazards to the operator. The System of Active Stability reduces these costs by up to 70 percent. To learn more about Toyota lift trucks and how the SAS can protect both your employees and your bottom line, contact the materials handling experts at your nearest Liftow office.