Toyota’s amazing new 8 Series will bring plenty of forklift advancements to the modern materials handling workplace, with upgrades and new features that will elevate every model from all-weather high-capacity forklifts to simple walk-ride pallet lifters. But few forklift models will outshine competitors quite like the three-wheel electric sit-down counterbalance forklift.

The 8-Series three-wheel electric forklift offers over 30 improved and advanced features with upgrades that affect productivity, maintenance, ergonomics, safety, and user control.  And since it’s just as dependable as it is powerful and comfortable, the 8-series three-wheel lifter can become a lasting, high-value asset to your organization. Consider some of the advanced features this new model has to offer.

Efficiency and Productivity

Increased lift and lowering speeds allow the operator of the new three-wheel electric forklift to complete tasks with greater speed and no compromise on safety. Progressive hydraulics on the mast and tight maneuverability in narrow corners will also allow users to get more done, in less time, with less space than ever before. Unmatched operator control brings speed and functionality to new heights.


If your operators have ever experienced problems with peripheral vision during tight maneuvers, or fatigue after extended shifts spent behind the controls, the 8-Series three-wheel lift truck will reduce some of these problems as well as their long-term effects. With the additional of an improved foot brake and a smaller steering wheel, plus a suspension seat that be customized for each user, your new lift truck will work just as hard as your employees do. As operators back up, they’ll use an assist grip with a horn that will keep hands and arms safely inside the cabin.

An operator presence sensing system (OPSS) and forward tilt-lift speed limitation also improve operator safety, while automatic fork leveling control and electric directional shift control decrease the chance of injury and operator error.

Remember: Toyota products are backed by an industry-leading network of dealers positioned across North America, including Ontario. If you’re looking for a single forklift or an entire fleet to support your materials handling operation, reach out to your nearest Liftow office today. Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions.