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Lock-Out Box for Lock-Out Tag-Out Procedures

Prix d'origine $50.00 - Prix d'origine $58.00
Prix d'origine
$50.00 - $58.00
Prix actuel $50.00

Prevent use of unsafe equipment with this lock-out tag-out device

The Equipment Lock-Out Box is a lock-out and tag-out system that locks-out and tags-out your lift truck or other material handling equipment until repairs are made. This minimizes workplace injury by preventing the use of unsafe and malfunctioning facility equipment, water and gas outlets. The Lock-Out Box can also be used to lock-out / tag-out devices such as forklift battery connectors, propane cylinders, values etc. The Lock-Out Box kit includes lock-out box, (4) lock-out tags, (4) straps, lock and key.

This Lock-Out Box was awarded Plant Engineering 2008 product of the year. This equipment Lock-Out Box is a simple solution to important employee safety.

OSHA Standards For Controlling Hazardous Energy Sources
“29 CFR 1910.333 sets forth requirements to protect employees working on electric circuits and equipment. This section requires workers to use safe work practices, including lockout and tagging procedures. Lockout / tagout standards establishes the employer’s responsibility to protect employees in the workplace from hazardous energy sources on machinery and equipment when service and maintenance is being performed.”

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
“Lockout is an essential safety procedure that prevents equipment, machines and processes from harming workers. The people who are responsible for maintaining, repairing, cleaning and replacing parts on machinery that is not “locked out” can be seriously injured. Every year in Canada, someone loses a limb or their life because there was no lockout system in place.”

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