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ClearCap™ Polycarbonate Overhead Guard

UGC CC1000-B
Prix d'origine $730.00 - Prix d'origine $820.00
Prix d'origine
$730.00 - $820.00
Prix actuel $730.00

A Clear Solution to a Common Problem

Since 1999, ClearCap™, has been providing rugged and well designed roof covers for current and late model lift trucks. Made of high impact, non-yellowing poly carbonate plastic, ClearCap™ provides relief from rain, snow, dust and sunlight for operators.

ClearCap™ features a unique dome design that diverts rain and small particulates away from the operator. Channels and gutters eliminate cascading water. This alternative to shrink-wrap, plywood, and cardboard provides greater operator comfort and safety.

The product is offered in clear and a 20% tint for those working outside in bright sunlight. Both the clear and tinted version block 100% of UV light transmission protecting worker from long-term UV exposure risks.

Easy to Install, Reasonably Priced: ClearCap™ is quick and easy to install. No drilling or tapping is required; eliminating expensive shop time. Provide us with your overhead guard dimensions or lift truck model and we’ll help you find a ClearCap™ that fits your forklift.


*once the protective film is removed from the product, it cannot be returned*

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