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Forklift Tie-Down Clamps

UGC FTDC-6-4400-B
Prix d'origine $1,490.00 - Prix d'origine $1,490.00
Prix d'origine
$1,490.00 - $1,490.00
Prix actuel $1,490.00

Forklift tie down clamps are a great asset when securing loads for transport. The entire set is comprised of four pieces (2 brackets, 2 clamps). An eye bracket is positioned in front of the load while the screw clamp is placed behind the unit, closest to the forklift driver. These are put in place by sliding over the forks. Simply use the preferred type of tie down such as a nylon strap or chain to secure the load

(chain and strap not included)



Uniform capacity: 4400 lbs (2200 lbs per clamp/bracket)
Clamps fit forks up to 6"W x 2-3/4"H
Durable steel construction
Powder coated yellow finish

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