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Laser-Guide Fork Guidance System

Prix d'origine $100.00 - Prix d'origine $830.00
Prix d'origine
$100.00 - $830.00
Prix actuel $730.00

Increase warehouse safety and productivity while reducing product damage with the Laser-Guide Fork Guidance System.  The Laser-Guide is equipped with an adjustable, fan-shaped laser beam that projects out from the forks indicating the exact fork position.  Available in red or green laser model.

Overall Dimensions:  5” High x 2 ¼” Wide x 1 ½” Deep

  • Turns on only when movement of the forks is detected to prolong charging intervals
  • Includes (2) lithium-ion batteries with 110 Volt USB charger included
  • Battery lasts approximately 1 week on a single charge
  • Easily mounts to the side of the fork using (3) powerful rare earth magnets
  • Installs in minutes
  • Single model easily adapts to any lift truck and will fit on any class of carriage
  • New ultra-compact, low profile design reduces chances for impacts with loads

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