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Liftow General Purpose Pallet Truck

UGC LCR55270048-A
Prix d'origine $1,130.00 - Prix d'origine $2,940.00
Prix d'origine
$1,130.00 - $2,940.00
Prix actuel $1,130.00

The Liftow general purpose hand pallet truck is designed to meet the challenges of the modern material-handling environment. Uncompromised performance and reliability for maximum operator productivity is what this truck delivers. Whether your application is a warehouse, transport trailer, or factory, the Liftow pallet truck will prove to be a valuable tool for your business.

The Liftow General Purpose Pallet Truck comes complete with:

  • Non-chip nylon wheels
  • Nylon entry wheels
  • Adjustable push rods
  • Molded plastic handle grip
  • 5,500 lbs capacity
  • Lowered height: 3.00"
  • Raised height: 7.75

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