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Altra Pallet Truck

Prix d'origine $860.00 - Prix d'origine $860.00
Prix d'origine
$860.00 - $860.00
Prix actuel $860.00

The Altra Lift hand pallet jack is a budget-conscious hand truck ideal for use on-the-go on light-duty loading docks, delivery trucks, or moving product from backroom storage to retail shelving. Adjustable tubular push rods provide reliable performance and quick easy maintenance, while self-lubricating bushings at all pivot points help improve efficiency and minimize wear. The teardrop handle provides comfortable and precise load control for the operator, with a handle return spring that automatically restores the handle to its vertical position. 

Capacity 5,500 lbs. 

Roller Type Poly. 

Low Height 3 inches. 

Elevated Height 7.75 inches

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