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U-Shaped Platform Scale

Prix d'origine $3,360.00 - Prix d'origine $3,360.00
Prix d'origine
$3,360.00 - $3,360.00
Prix actuel $3,360.00

Constructed of heavy-duty steel to withstand the most demanding industrial environments, this scale is designed to handle pallets, and is easy to move and store. Ideal for moving around the work place where there is not enough room for a fixed scale. Scale is suitable for weighing in a warehouse, storehouse, or general use. The scale is light weight and can be easily moved by one person with its two (2) wheels and handle. The scale comes equipped with four (4) heavy duty load cells and a deluxe indicator head. The mobile digital display stand is adjustable up to 42” high and  powered by (6) six AA cell batteries or  115V, 1 phase AC power, cord included.  Individual sides are 5" wide. Accuracy is +/-0.1% of the applied load.

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