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Why Choose Used Lift Trucks?

Why Choose Used Lift Trucks?

Your business may be growing and you need a fleet of materials handling equipment that can keep up with your rapid increase in demand. Or maybe your business operates according to seasonal fluctuations and you expect upcoming spike inactivity. In either case, you need to resolve this issue and make decisions that can keep your warehouse or distribution center in motion. But as it happens, you don’t have the budget flexibility to invest in a brand new fleet.

You could rent your lifting equipment, which can help control maintenance and storage costs since you’ll be returning your forklifts when you no longer need them. But if your seasonal fluctuations are unpredictable, and ownership suits your budget and your needs, you may decide to invest in used lifting equipment.

Here are a few reasons to consider this cost-effective option.

Value versus Cost

Liftow offers fully refurbished, late model, state-of-the-art forklifts that function just like new. But the market value of used lifting equipment depreciates, and the cost savings may be significant. If you haven’t yet compared the cost of a new fleet with that of late-model used fleet offered by Liftow, contact our experts at one of our locations near you for help with your analysis.

The Advantages of Toyota Forklifts

Late-model Toyota 7-Series and 8-Series forklifts offer the reliability, durability, ergonomic controls, and advanced safety features our clients and customers have come to expect. Our used forklifts offer the state-of-the-art counterbalance technology and mast stability control that makes Toyota the number one supplier of forklifts in Canada and the most highly rated forklift manufacturing company in the world.

Best Condition Possible

Every one of our used forklifts has been subjected to an intense multipoint inspection by one of our factory-trained technicians. Before we deliver the equipment right to your doorstep, every truck receives a lifting device inspection and emissions certification. You can be assured that your Liftow Certified forklift will meet all safety standards and regulations.

We offer a variety of financing options and can easily help you find equipment that meets your needs without breaking your budget. Visit our website or contact our sales representatives for more information.

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