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Elevating everything since 1960.

Pallet Truck w/ Scale

Original price $4,930.00 - Original price $5,700.00
Original price
$4,930.00 - $5,700.00
Current price $4,930.00

Comes with built in digital scale!

The Pallet Truck With Scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The frame has a heavy-duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability. This model is very user friendly and is suitable for low height lifting and short distance transportation. The built in scale allows you to weigh your load as your are handling it. The scale is able to adjust to the size of your load. It has keyboard calibration and functional setup with automatic zero capabilities. The digital filtering is to help compensate for vibration and motion to operate smoothly.

The Pallet Truck w/ Scale comes complete with:

  • Capacity is 5,000 lb.
  • Load cells built into forks
  • 99.9% accurate
  • Mettler Toledo™ Scale
  • Service Range: 3” to 7.5”
  • Available in pounds or kilograms

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