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Start-Manager Operator Access Control System

Original price $25.00 - Original price $990.00
Original price
$25.00 - $990.00
Current price $650.00

Control who has access to your forklifts and machinery with Start-Manager’s dual function access control devices. All models can be activated with a 4-digit key code or 125 kHz proximity card or key-fob. These rugged units are weather proof, dust proof and vandal proof, and are built for the toughest industrial applications. The SM301 unit features a daily operator safety check to be completed at the start of each shift and an integrated Wi-Fi transceiver to allow for web-based data tracking for all trucks equipped with this model.  Each model includes (2) per-programmed key-fobs (1 yellow for supervisor, 1 gray for operator) and extra key-fobs are available.  The gray key-fobs are programmed to work with all Start-Manager units in the fleet and the optional black key-fobs are programmed to work on a single Start-Manager unit within the fleet.

The  features:
1. 1 year warranty
2. 12-48V built-in voltage converter
3. 16-key stainless steel keypad
4. After a failed safety, choose whether or not the vehicle can start (SM301 model)
5. Easy to program and remove codes or cards
6. Includes (2) pre-programmed key-fobs (1 yellow, 1 gray)
7. Includes vehicle start and stop buttons
8. Indestructible rubberized nylon housing
9. Information can be easily retrieved via your existing WiFi network (SM301 model)
10. Information is collected: Vehicle number, current hours, operator number, time safety check was started, time check was completed, all failed checks (SM301 model)
11. Last Operator search feature (for accident ID)
12. OLED white on black graphic display
13. OSHA/MOL compliant daily safety check feature (SM301 model)
14. Storage for up to 100 proximity card numbers
15. Storage for up to 250 4-digit key codes
16. Vehicle hour meter, ID number, date and time (SM301 model)
17. Vehicle will not start until safety check is completed (SM301 model)

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