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Big job to tackle but short on manpower? Rent a forklift

Big job to tackle but short on manpower? Rent a forklift

Some jobs will require more heavy lifting than you’ve got the manpower for. In cases like these, a rental forklift can do wonders for your worksite productivity. Utilize this helpful and cost-effective resource to help stay on schedule.

Review Project

Consider the lifting and moving needs of your project before scheduling a forklift rental—this prep work ensures your rented vehicle is best suited to complete the job. You should also find out if your forklift project requires any special attachments like a work platform or drum lift and whether the work will be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. Lastly, be sure to estimate the total distance traveled and load weights of each task the rental forklift will need to perform.

Choose Model

Make sure that your forklift rental company provides access to different types of forklifts, range of capacities and forklift attachments. A large selection ensures that you can locate the most cost-effective model available. You’ll also have to choose between gas and electric forklifts. Gas forklifts often offer more power, but electric forklifts are cleaner and often more convenient to use.

Forklift Training 

Even though you may need a short term rental your operators will still need to be properly trained and certified on the equipment. A reliable forklift rental company like Liftow Limited can provide customers with the necessary training to keep your company in compliance.

Receive Forklift

The final step in forklift rental is to schedule the delivery. Provide the renting company-specific information on where to deliver the forklift and whether your company has a dock. Warehouse and worksite managers will have to arrange for a drop-off date that fits with their project schedules. Once the project is complete, renters must schedule a pick-up date for the forklift.


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