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Electric Pallet Lift Trucks: Greater Productivity and Ergonomics

Electric Pallet Lift Trucks: Greater Productivity and Ergonomics

In addition to standard forklift models, Liftow offers a wide variety of electric pallet trucks, including walkies and end-controlled as well as center-controlled riders. If your material handling operations involve moving and handling loads across crowded working spaces, such as small warehouse aisles or loading docks, opting for an electric pallet jack may be the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your business.

From walk-behind pallet jacks that can improve your loading and unloading operations to rider pallet trucks that are best suited for mid and long distance travel, Toyota’s multi-use solutions for indoor applications are all designed to boost productivity without sacrificing the comfort of your operators. Below are some of its key features and advantages of owning a pallet jack.

Increased Productivity

The electric walkie pallet jack offers high-capacity performance and improved energy efficiency, making it one of the most maneuverable and practical pallet trucks on the market. Boasting new battery pack improvements and a tight turning radius, the Toyota pallet truck is powered by an AC drive motor that offers precise power control and fast response to operating commands. Dual lift cylinders generate efficient hydraulic power for smooth lifting that reduces component wear.

Greater Operator Comfort

In addition to its reliable power system, the electric pallet jack delivers an easy steering system with a multifunction control handle that features ergonomically angled hand grips, directional thumb wheels and fingertip control of all functions. Operators also benefit from key safety features such as an emergency power disconnect, an anti-rollback system and the “Click-to-Creep” feature which ensures safe maneuvers in restricted spaces by quickly limiting the travel speed to 1 mph.

Easy Maintenance

The Toyota electric pallet jack also reduces your maintenance needs with an improved battery pack that results in increased uptime and faster charging. The convenient high-strength service cover can be easily removed without tools to give you immediate access to all major components, all while protecting them against damage. Together with the programmable service indicator, the battery discharge indicator and integrated self-diagnostics streamline your service procedures and ensures an overall longer truck life.



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