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Ergonomic Forklift Equipment Your Employees Will Appreciate

Ergonomic Forklift Equipment Your Employees Will Appreciate

Operating a lift truck requires both physical strength and stamina. Whether your employees operate smaller lift trucks in tight warehouse quarters or larger forklifts in outdoor applications, you can make their working conditions safer and more comfortable by investing in ergonomic forklift accessories. Below you can read about a few of the accessories we sell at Liftow Limited:

Upgraded Seats

The standard seat on your lift truck may not provide the driver with adequate lower back support and cushioning. If you have an employee who operates a forklift for several hours each day, you can increase his or her comfort by investing in an upgraded seat. You have a wide variety of options to choose from so when choosing to consider a lift truck seat with good back support, good suspension, and a shock absorber.

Cushions, Back Rests, and Neck Support

Another ergonomic option to replacing a seat is investing in removable ergonomic accessories, such as back cushions. Obus Forme half or full backrests provide lumbar support for any forklift seat. Operators may also benefit from an anti-vibration cushion for their seats to make their ride smoother as well as the Nek-Sav Neck Support System that reduces the fatigue and stress caused by looking up for prolonged periods of time.

Ergo Back-Up Handle

When backing up their forklifts, operators need to turn around and look behind the vehicle to ensure that no people or obstacles are in their way. The Ergo Back-Up handle, which easily mounts inside the overhead guard of any forklift, gives drivers a sturdy place to put their hands while driving in reverse and helps to reduce neck and back strain. It also increases safety by ensuring operators is keeping their hands within the operator’s compartment.

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