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Forklift Safety


  • Lift Truck Log Kit

    A complete daily forklift safety checklist system for forklift operators As per CSA B335-04 Section 6.8 - Preoperational Inspection, all forklifts ...

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  • Lift Truck Log Replacement Book

    Available for Internal Combustion Counterbalance, Electric Counterbalance, Electric Pallet Truck and Narrow Aisle / Reach Truck. The Lift Truck Log...

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  • Checklist Caddy Kit (Book, Pouch & Pen)

    Inspection checklist for Internal Combustion Counterbalance, Electric Counterbalance, Narrow Aisle / Reach Truck, Electric Pallet Truck, Mobile Ele...

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  • Checklist Refill Pack of (4) Books

    Each checklist book has 75 carbonless copy daily forklift inspection forms.  Available for Internal Combustion Counterbalance, Electric Counterbala...

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  • Eagle-Eye Forklift Camera System

    The Eagle-Eye is the first reinforced all-in-one forklift camera system.  The Eagle-Eye is a durable, metal encased forklift camera system that is ...

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  • Safe-View Wireless Camera System

    The Safe-View Wireless Camera System is an excellent tool to give the operator a variety of different views around the lift truck. The Safe-View is...

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  • Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System

    Alert your forklift operators of nearby pedestrians and obstacles when traveling in reverse with the Bat Sonar Proximity Alert System. The Bat Sona...

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  • Red-Zone LED Pedestrian Warning Light

    40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. Ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the lift truck with the Red-Zone LED Warning ...

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  • Arc Light LED Pedestrian Warning Light

    The Arc Light is designed to alert pedestrians of the rear end swing of the forklift.  Multiple light configurations can be used for increased visi...

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  • Safe-Lite Pedestrian Warning Spotlight

    The Safe-Lite alerts pedestrians of forklifts approaching blind corners or forklifts entering and exiting trailers. The Blue LED light projects an ...

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  • Big Blue Pedestrian Warning Spotlight

    The Big Blue Pedestrian Spotlight alerts pedestrians of forklifts approaching blind corners or forklifts entering and exiting trailers. The Blue LE...

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  • ECO Blue Light

    The Eco Blue Light provides an economical solution to alert pedestrians of oncoming forklifts. This blue light shines a bright blue spot on the flo...

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  • Arrow Blue Light

    The Arrow Blue Light projects a large, bright arrow on the ground 10 to 20 feet away in front or in back of the lift truck. This not only alerts th...

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  • Logo-Lite LED Forklift Logo Light

    The Logo-Lite provides a great solution to alert pedestrians of oncoming forklifts.  This warning light shines a bright forklift logo on the floor ...

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  • The Forklift PAL Pedestrian Awareness Light System

    Keep pedestrians alert and aware of oncoming and reversing forklifts with the Forklift PAL Pedestrian Awareness Light System.  Each light system in...

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  • Laser Line Light

    The Laser Line Light is a standard plug-in laser line marking system that produces a single bright, crisp line on a smooth surface.  Simply mount t...

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  • Overhead Crane LED Pedestrian Warning Light

    The Crane Light is a unique product that alerts pedestrians and vehicles of nearby crane use.  Each light includes a removable lens that changes th...

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  • Eco LED Headlight

    The Eco LED Headlight is economically priced to replace all the incandescent forklift headlights in your lift truck fleet.  It offers a long life o...

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  • LED Forklift Strobe Lights

    Operating Voltage: 12-90V DC Polycarbonate Lens 4 Selectable flash patterns Circuit board is epoxy potted to extend the life of the beacon Tempera...

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  • Smart-Sound Back Up Alarms

    Product Features: Available in standard “Beep Beep” sound or white noise sound Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture and vibrati...

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  • Forklift Roger Radio – MURS 2-Way Mobile Radio

    Finally, a 2-way radio specifically designed for a forklift.  The Forklift Roger Radio is always on, is secured to the forklift and is License Free...

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  • Safe-Speed Forklift Speed Alert Radar System

    When forklift operators travel too fast in a high pedestrian traffic area, safety is in jeopardy. Safe-Speed is a radar detection system that alert...

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  • Look-Out Collision Pedestrian Warning System

    Blind intersections are a safety hazard for both forklifts and pedestrians. Over 40% of all forklift accidents involve pedestrians who often do not...

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  • Overhead Door 2-Way Traffic Warning System

    The Overhead Door Warning System alerts forklift operators and individuals in a two way traffic pattern of potentially dangerous traffic coming thr...

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