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Elevating everything since 1960.
Forklift Battery Safety

Forklift Battery Safety

Keeping your forklift batteries and battery chargers maintained can keep your teams safe, protect your lifting equipment and sidestep the cost of early replacements. But that’s not all. Here’s an additional benefit that some materials handling managers don’t recognize: Regular and documented maintenance may be required by the language of your warranty.

You may be keeping an eye on your batteries and handling them properly, keeping them clean, monitoring the integrity of your cables, and keeping your batteries and charges away from moisture and temperature extremes. But without a structured maintenance program in place, these practices may not hold up if you need a manufacturer-certified repair or replacement.

But don’t worry! Liftow has you covered. We now offer a customized battery maintenance service program that can protect your batteries and your bottom line by providing the following:

  • Quarterly maintenance on every make and model, including on-site cable and connector repair
  • Battery reconditioning service
  • Access to safe battery handling equipment
  • 24-hour support

If you opt into our customized scheduled maintenance program, our certified technicians will take care of the vital tasks that can often slip through the cracks, including these:

  • Cleaning and neutralizing batteries
  • Checking battery and charger compatibility and cable positions
  • Voltage checks
  • Full inspection of terminals and shrouds
  • Inspection of sealing compound and reseal if necessary
  • Inspection of cables for splits and wear and tear
  • Inspection of stops, locks, latches and watering system
  • Inspection of tray condition
  • Full inspection and necessary recommendations for connectors, truck and charger

When we inspect your battery and charger, we leave no component unexamined, including the name plate, ammeter, rate control, rectifier/transformer and all moving parts, including the access door latch.

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