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Powered Lift Truck Technician Career

Powered Lift Truck Technician Career

In the spectrum surrounding the Motive Power Industry, there has never been such a demand for Technicians. While most seem to automatically believe that Motive Power is Vehicle or Truck Coach Technician. Surprisingly, Powered Lift Truck Technician resides in that group as well.

At Liftow, the term “mechanic” is dated and tired. We prefer “Technicians”. That’s exactly what defines a Powered Lift Truck Technician! 

In today’s Material Handling Industry, such advances have been further adapted from electronic’s, wire-guided equipment and advanced engine management systems that our technicians must continually be trained and up to date.

If you are looking towards a rewarding career at Liftow as a Technician, I encourage you to continue to read the rest, as it will outline and define the countless opportunities with a great company.

As a Powered Lift Truck Technician, you have an opportunity to be assigned as a Road Service Technician or Shop Technician. Below will outline the difference between both assignments.

 Road Service Technician

  • Service, diagnose and repair equipment in the field (Customer Location).
  • Helping customer by getting their equipment back in service.
  • Direct contact with the customer. You become our ambassador.
  • Work independently and manage your daily schedule.
  • Work at different customer location’s daily. Understanding each customer’s business operation.
  • Perform scheduled Planned Maintenance and Lift Device Inspection.
  • Work with internal Teams, such as Sales, New Business Development and Customer Service to assist the customer with any concerns or future plans they may have.
  • Opportunities for career advancement.

Shop Technician

  • Service, diagnose and repair equipment in the shop.
  • Work at the same location.
  • Assisting other Technicians and have direct communication from other Team members.
  • Assist Team members with technical or special projects as needed.
  • Engine/Transmission overhauls.
  • Large scale repairs.
  • Opportunities for career advancement.

Not everyday nor the challenges are the same. Only your work week would remain the same Monday-Friday and no evening. Weekends are left for you to enjoy.

Technician Development

At Liftow, we take great importance in the development and training of our Technicians. They are an integral part of our team. Our internal and Toyota factory training never stops. Our technicians are enrolled in technical training upon their first day of work.

In addition, Toyota has a three-tier certification program design to enhance the technical skill level of each technician. Starting with Bronze, moving to Silver, and ending with the prestige’s Gold Master Technician.

Wait, we don’t stop there! Once Gold Certified, you have an opportunity to attain Platinum Level Certification. This is regarded as an elite level and gives you bragging rights each year.

Liftow also has Powered Lift Truck Technician Apprenticeship opportunity. The apprenticeship program provides you within school along with work experience towards attaining your official Certificate of Qualification License (Based on Province).

What are you waiting for! There has never been a better time to become part of the Liftow team. Contact us today and launch your career.


Written by Joe Kelanjian, Training Manager at Liftow Ltd.

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