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The Importance of Automation

The Importance of Automation

Recent research and articles appearing in major publications are starting to shine a light on a growing trend: As companies look for ways to streamline their operations and cut costs, automation is becoming a core aspect of business strategy. Automation and materials handling were once part of the nuts and bolts of a successful company—something operations managers dealt with while C-level executives spent their time on other aspects of development and growth. But now these critical operations are taking center stage, and business owners are seeing a direct impact on their bottom lines.

Don’t Forget About Logistics

As shipping and distribution organizations adopt new business models and new approaches to technology, logistics are also playing a key role in core business strategy, not just offering marginal new improvements efficiently. If you hold a key position in your company’s logistics chain or you play a role—no matter how big or small—in materials handling, you’re standing close to the heartbeat, the engine that will drive all successful forms of commerce and businesses in the decade that lies ahead.

Spread the Word

Do your employers and clients truly understand the value that your efforts bring to their business? Do your potential new hires know how critical their roles will be to the overall success of your organization? More often than not, those who implement and handle new forms of automation, those who deal with the challenges of logistics, and - most important - those who hire and manage them are the least likely to trumpet their contributions to company growth. But without this specific form of expertise, companies will be unequipped to deal with the changes that take place in shipping and manufacturing as new technologies take off and customer demand increases.

Help your company reduce costs and make the most valuable labour resources, and make sure that your C-level executives, new applicants, and current employees understand how their logistics and materials handling efforts contribute to the overall direction of your organization. 

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