Toyota: The Answer to Your Lift Truck Needs

Toyota: The Answer to Your Lift Truck Needs

Toyota has been at the forefront of the lift truck industry for over 40 years. Thanks to a combination of high production standards, high-performance engines, and a history of reliable engineering, Toyota’s forklifts are some of the best in the business. So no matter what your material handling needs, Toyota has a lift truck for you. Here is a brief profile of Toyota’s line of high-quality lift trucks:

Internal Combustion Lift Trucks

Toyota’s line of high-quality internal combustion forklifts is divided into two categories: cushion tire and pneumatic tire lift trucks. But whichever Series you decide to go with, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the most durable and ergonomically engineered lift trucks ever made.

Electric Motor Rider Lift Trucks

Available in a cushion and pneumatic tire configurations, Toyota’s line of electric motor rider lift trucks offer precision control and fuel efficiency. And thanks to advanced transistors and heavy-gauge steel construction, Toyota’s electric motor lift trucks also offer extended longevity compared to other electrically propelled forklifts.

Electric Motor Pallet Trucks

Thanks to their compact, easy-to-use, and highly maneuverable design, Toyota’s electric motor pallet trucks, and walkie stackers utilize space in confined work areas and deliver cost-effective solutions to your warehouse and material handling needs. There are a variety of pallet trucks and walkie stackers to choose from, each one designed to meet your unique lift truck needs.

Reach Trucks

When warehouse space is at a premium, the Toyota 8-Series Electric Reach Truck is the answer to your dilemma. From the versatility of the latest electric control technology to the comfort and convenience of an ergonomically designed operator compartment, Toyota’s single reach and double reach trucks revolutionize the way materials are handled in confined spaces.

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