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What Other Equipment Does Liftow Offer?

What Other Equipment Does Liftow Offer?

As many of our customers and partners already know, Liftow offers the most reliable and versatile lift trucks, truck components and operator training resources available in any region of the United States and Canada. Our Toyota lift trucks are certified and built to last, and they work as hard you do to keep your business in motion. But you may not realize that we don’t just offer trucks, truck parts and general materials handling expertise; we also offer a wide range of truck attachments and lifting equipment that falls into other categories. Many of our products are highly valued by organizations with unique needs, like the need for speed and lifting efficiency, or narrow aisles and high-reach workplaces.

If you need specialized lifting devices or attachments that can handle your unique requirements, check our website and contact our helpful agents first. There’s a strong chance we have what you’re looking for! Here are a few of our offerings.

Electric Motor Pallet Jacks

Some operations don’t require fully enclosed cabs or riding lift trucks with pneumatic tires and active stability systems. If you simply need a walking pallet jack that can relocate pallets without bells, whistles or high maintenance requirements, review our motorized pallet jacks. These simple walking lifts protect employees from injury and increase productivity without requiring extensive training or presenting collision hazards in a busy workplace. Check out our electric walkie pallet jack, walkie stacker, industrial walkie stacker, or counterbalanced stacker.

Reach Trucks

Our Toyota reach trucks can lift items to a maximum mast height of 30.5 feet, approximately the height of a three-story building. And with an AC hydraulic system, power steering and wide-view three-stage mast, they accomplish incredible tasks with minimal strain placed on the operator. For unmatched efficiency, power and control, use these reaching tools to keep your workplace running quickly and safely.

Order Pickers

Our 6 Series and 7 Series order pickers provide two distinct solutions that can help you and your teams identify and move specific objects with a high degree of sensitivity and automation. The 7 Series order pickers come ready for use with a design that works for general warehouse applications. For a more customized solution that can accommodate your unique specifications, contact Liftow and speak with a representative about our versatile 6 and 7 Series.

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