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Why Quality Is Key

Why Quality Is Key

If you run or manage a business of your own, then you understand how the quality of your product or service is essential to the health and future of your company. So how do you define “quality”? And have you ever been asked to compromise this value in exchange for profits, accelerated growth, or any other short term temptation?

Here at Liftow, we understand what this temptation feels like. And we’re proud to report that Liftow and Toyota refuse to compromise quality or cut corners in exchange for hot new trends, empty promises, or short term business “solutions” with long term costs that might damage our relationships with our customers. We know you feel the same way about your own company. And while you abide by your own list of carefully maintained standards, we’re equally serious about ours. In fact, Toyota lift trucks have just been named number one in quality and value for the fourth consecutive year in an independent survey conducted by Reed Business Information and remain the best-selling brand of lift trucks in the world.

Used Lift Trucks

If you’re looking for a used lift truck, rather than a new one, Liftow is a great place to start. We hold all of our used equipment to rigorous quality parameters, and ensure that each lift truck is Liftow Certified with the following :

  1. All-Inclusive Lifting Device Inspection & Emissions certification
  2. Complete Inspection and Repair (Mast Assembly, Powertrain, Hydraulic System, Steering column, steer axle, brakes, tires, overall physical condition)
  3. All work completed by Factory Trained Technicians
  4. Industry Leading Warranties

Here are a few key areas to investigate before you make any lift truck purchase:

  1. The reputation of the dealer
  2. The mechanical condition of the truck
  3. The condition of all safety features
  4. The serial number
  5. All relevant references
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