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Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit

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Industrial Forklift Battery Handling and Care

Battery Acid Spill Kit is ideal for industrial plants with forklift battery acid spills. In case of a spill, it should be kept near the charging area to ensure a safe and proper way to cleanup battery lead acid.

The Lead Battery Acid Spill Kit comes complete with:

  • 1 red nylon bag
  • 10 sorbent pads
  • 3 sorbent socks 3”x 48”
  • 2 disposable bags
  • 1kg lead acid neutralizer
  • 1 drain cover
  • 1 epoxy stick
  • 1 pair nitrile gloves
  • 1 pair safety goggles
  • 2 hazardous waste labels

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Battery Safety

The BatterySafety products keep your battery handling requirements and areas organized, safeand easy to maintain.  These products aredesigned to keep forklift operators safe from battery handling hazards and helpto maintain a longer lasting life of the battery.  Quick, easy, and efficient batterymaintenance helps to promote a safe and productive working environment for youroperators.

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