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Forklift Batteries and Chargers

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When it comes to forklift battery and charger solutions, Liftow Delivers!

Liftow and its network of battery and charger partners can provide consultation, guidance, products and support in selecting efficient power solutions for your application.

Fast and Opportunity Charging 

  • Eliminates battery change outs, storage and associated hazards
  • Allows for charging during lunch and other breaks
  • Provides multi-shift operation with only one battery

High Frequency Chargers

  • Consume less energy
  • Save space - smaller size provides installation flexibility
  • Can be used all charger applications

Battery Watering Systems

  • Enhances employee safety and productivity as it eliminates operators/staff having to check water levels
  • Eliminates the need for Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, body apron and face visor)
  • Protects your battery investment as regular watering keeps batteries in good working order 

Hassle Free Battery Replacement! Buy Back - Dispose, Replace and Install

Green Manufacturing Environmentally friendly, GREEN manufacturing and disposal processes. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications


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