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Elevating everything since 1960.

Aluminum Truck Dock Plate

SKU AL3648-A
Original price $600.00 - Original price $2,090.00
Original price
$600.00 - $2,090.00
Current price $750.00

The Aluminum Truck Dock Plate comes complete with:

  • Durable lightweight, aluminum alloy
  • Beveled edges on top and bottom
  • Non-slip tread surface
  • Highly visible orange edges
  • 10° arch at the top to allow board/plate to lie flat
  • Steel legs fit between truck and board/plate to prevent movement during use
  • Equipped with safety curbs to strengthen the board and prevent equipment run off

Dimensions (in.):  Width x Length

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Dock Equipment

The loadingdock is the first and last place your inventory will visit at your facility.  These Dock Equipment products are used toprevent any hazards associated with the loading and unloading of trailers whileusing a forklift.  Keep your loading bayareas safe and operating smoothly with the Dock Equipment products.

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