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Lift Truck Rental Options: Day, Week, Month, or Year

Lift Truck Rental Options: Day, Week, Month, or Year

If you manage a warehouse, distribution center, or materials handling operation, you probably already know that Toyota lift trucks are the most powerful, versatile, and reliable trucks on the market today. Liftow, your local Toyota dealer offers Toyota trucks for multi-purpose use, including narrow aisle, high capacity, counterbalance, and pallet trucks. You may not be ready to invest in the purchase of a lift truck or a fleet of lift trucks, but if you have a short term project and you need the right tools for the job, renting is always an excellent option.

The Benefits of Renting your Lift Equipment

When you decide to rent a lift truck instead of purchasing, you can keep your productivity high during the busiest points of your business cycle. You can also be ready if you have to deal with high product volumes at unexpected times. And if you have a rented lift truck on hand, you can keep your operations moving without missing a beat when one of your regular fleets has to be pulled for breakdowns or repairs. Of course, a key benefit of a rented forklift is cost control; when you’re renting rather than owning, you don’t have to worry about depreciation or maintenance costs.

Choosing a Rental Plan

Here at Liftow, our experts are here to assist you in choosing a rental plan that’s perfect for your needs. You’ll want a plan that can help you get the most out of your equipment without holding onto it longer than your needs and budget allow. Our rental options can cover a single day, a week or you can rent by the year, or you can choose any timeline in between. We’ll help you review your situation and decide on the option that’s right for your requirements.

Once your rental terms are established, we’ll find a truck (or trucks) in our varied inventory that works for you. We’ll review your particular needs, provide a forklift that has been properly maintained and inspected, offer a competitive rate and deliver the truck right to your doorstep.

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